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Taxable strategies

Our actively managed total return strategies are designed to give you more “ballast in the boat” when markets become turbulent. High-quality fixed income in your portfolio offers increased liquidity, stable income, preservation of capital, and opportunities for growth. Our top-down investing takes into account global interest rates and trends in credit quality.

  • CashPlus
  • Low Duration
  • Intermediate
  • Core Fixed Income
  • Enhanced Fixed
  • Preferred Income

Tax-Exempt Strategies

You should never feel confused or in the dark about your municipal portfolio. We build each portfolio with a focus on preservation of capital, after-tax income, and yield while maximizing liquidity using high-quality municipal bonds rated “A” or better and never subject to the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) penalty. Our strategies can be customized for clients living in high tax states, such as New York or California, or with more of a national focus for clients living in non-income tax states, such as Florida or Texas.

  • Short Municipal
  • National Municipal