For 35 years Smith Affiliated Capital (SAC) has been helping clients reach their financial goals by building quality portfolios that embody transparency, liquidity, stability, and no leverage. Few, if any, independently owned registered investment advisors offer the depth and breadth of experience of SAC. As one of the financial industry’s most trusted and valued providers of investment services, SAC has been long recognized for its independence, integrity, expertise, and innovation.

We at SAC are also passionate about what we do. From portfolio management to client service, we are dedicated to the financial well-being of our clients regardless of their size or expectations.

The continuity of our experience has given us a competitive advantage in:

Our Expertise: We combine seasoned advisory experience with innovative investment services aimed at institutional and individual investors. Our wide range of investment management expertise spans from high quality global equity to high quality global fixed income investments.

Our Staff: From the administrative staff to our investment committee, there is a passion for our business. We strive to be proactive on behalf of our clients, respectful to our industry peers, and accountable for everything we do as a registered investment advisor. We instill these values in our staff and never lose sight of the fact we are ultimately responsible for other people's money.

Our Service: Service is at the heart of our business, which is why we do not outsource administrative or financial services. This has made it simple for our clients to keep track of and understand their investments either in person, on the Web, over the phone, or by mail.

Our Community: At SAC, we care not only about the well-being of our clients but also our community as a whole. Over the past 35 years, we have become a partner in many initiatives that have benefited those less fortunate, including the Alcoholism Council of New York (ACNY) and the Christopher D. Smithers Foundation, Inc., and the New York State Health Foundation.

By instilling these core values in our employees, we are working to ensure that Smith Affiliated Capital will be a trusted and valued advisor for years to come. Please visit us and see why we are a Different Advisor for a Better Tomorrow.

Robert G. Smith, Ph.D.
Founder & Chairman