Smith Affiliated Capital (SAC) was formed in 1982 to provide both discretionary and advisory investment management services to high-net worth individuals, their families, and institutional investors. The firm was founded by Robert G. Smith, PhD, on one principle: to focus solely on investment-grade securities that deliver consistent long-term capital appreciation while seeking to protect principal and income with minimized risk and maximized total return.

Our old-fashioned quality management style encompasses equity, fixed income, and exchange-traded securities. We provide investment solutions through separately managed portfolios that are constructed based solely on our clients' specific liability and risk profiles.

On July 28, 2010, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) adopted amendments to Part 2 of Form ADV and related rules that will substantially improve the quality of disclosure that we provide to our clients. The document is not, nor is it intended to be, a marketing brochure. The latest 2013 complete versions of ADV Parts 1 & 2 and their supplements can be found here: Form ADV Part 1 + Schedules A,B,C D and ADV Part 2 Brochure. .

  • We are active managers of high quality equity and fixed income portfolios. We believe that the active management in our boutique-sized firm affords us the ability to adapt to and invest quickly in an ever-changing marketplace.
  • We begin by first listening to our client's needs and then provide the client with a top-down view of what we feel is possible under the current and future market conditions based on our own expertise.
  • We then construct a portfolio based on our top-down view and combine that with our senior portfolio managers' bottom-up approach in addressing which securities and maturity levels will best fit our client's objectives.
  • We invest only in high-quality equity and fixed income securities that will try to provide the highest liquidity, exceed the rate of inflation, and protect principal and income.
  • We tailor each portfolio to our clients' individual needs. All accounts are separately managed at SAC and we do not commingle portfolios or manage mutual funds. We believe that only a customized portfolio can best address the objectives of each individual client.
  • As separate account managers with a singular focus on the client, we are able to give consistent returns in bull and bear markets, manage to true portfolio risk, maximize after-tax returns, and add value after fees. Read more >

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